Former WJRT meteorologist, anchor and reporter Leslie Toldo was fired on May 16th. Now she has filed a lawsuit against her former employer. The suit file on July 23rd claims that her contract wasn't renewed following her reports to management about violations of women's civil rights according to a report.

Her lawyer, Tom Pabst, claims that she was disciplined for doing the same thing that male and African-American employees did, yet they were not disciplined. The loyal employee even worked weekends without compensation. While several employees were informed that their contracts would not be renewed, they were able to work through the end of their terms. Toldo was informed that her contract would not be renewed, and was immediately escorted out of the building by security.  She is also under a non-compete, which prevents her from obtaining employment at a different television station in this area.

On July 24th, the day after Toldo filed suit, WJRT-TV and its sister station, Toledo's WTVG-TV were sold to Gray Television. The Atlanta-based company paid about $128 million for the two properties.

There was no comment from WJRT-TV's general manager and no court date has been set. We are assuming that this law is aimed at SJL Holdings, the company that owned WJRT at the time of her dismissal, and not Gray Television.

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