A fitting tribute during Nurses Week 2020.

In case you were wondering, we see you and we hear you. We know that people are yearning for any kind of good news that they can get right now, and this is exactly what we were hoping for - Genesee County coronavirus survivors are publicly thanking their nurses during Nurses Week.

Norma Henry is 81-years-old. She spent an entire MONTH at Hurley Medical Center on a ventilator while battling COVID-19. She's now home and recovering with her daughter; she says that she wanted to give up her battle, but her nurses wouldn't let her.

26-year-old Morgan Blue spent almost two weeks in-and-out of the ICU at Ascension Genesys with coronavirus. And, since her family wasn't allowed to visit, the nurses became her only support.

Blue says that her nurse was with her around the clock and helped her to stay "mentally strong."

Kathy Burtley didn't have the virus herself; she lost her husband to COVID-19. Nathel Burtley was a "lifelong educator" in Flint and even helped with the desegregation in Grand Rapids schools. And, even though he lost his battle, Kathy said that the nurses were there for her in his last days. They put the phone up to his ear so she could say goodbye; she said that she could "feel the love."

We are SO GLAD that these people thought enough of their nurses to share their stories.

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