Davison Police Chief Rick Freeman said, "Obviously, since we have not yet found Omarion, this investigation is far from over."

Authorities are dialing down large-scale investigation that included more than 800 officers searching the area surrounding the Lake Callis Recreation Complex, where Omarion went missing on the 4th of July.

“All this means is the large scale, visible, tactical searches you’ve seen until this point which I want to emphasize includes the volunteer searches to a degree, it just humbles me," said Freeman. "That’s the large scale search that we’re calling back.”

Lake Callis will open again on Friday, but there will still be an investigation going on. Along with the uniformed officers, the search yesterday included bloodhounds, mounted police and helicopters.

However, the police chief says that this is NOT a criminal investigation. Yet.

Thank you to everybody who has put in their time and volunteered their services! The Salvation Army, the Eastern Michigan Food Bank, VG's, Kroger, Tim Horton's and McDonald's have also donated food and drink to all of the volunteers. It's a tragic event, but it's amazing to see the community come together.


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