Sad news that effects families in Lapeer County and beyond.

Mlive is reporting that auto supplier Gestamp plant in Lapeer will be eliminating 84 positions, 17 salary and 67 hourly positions, due to an auto company pulling business from the plant. According to the article, layoffs began in April, and will continue through July 28.

Very hard news to hear and I hope that all the families effected by the mass layoffs land on their feet.


After this story hit social media, credible sources came forward to defend the layoffs from Gestamp. According to one source, who has seen the official information from the company, the layoffs are temporary and workers will be asked back after the retooling of the plant is complete.

New machinery will be moved in and Gestamp does not know how long the retooling will be, so that is why the temporary layoffs are in place.  Employees who are effected by the layoffs will receive a month's pay along with unemployment benefits to lessen the blow while the whole shop is shut down.

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