Not sure what's more embarrassing - the horn on the cake or the fact that this has made national news.

A Lansing mom is very upset with a local bakery over how they handled her daughter's birthday party...and the "embarrassing" cake that they made.

Alexandra Schroeder says that she paid $370 for a baking birthday party at Whipped Bakery. She claims that, for a party of 13 people, they gave her one table with six chairs and said that the remaining guests could "stand."

And then, there's the cake.

Schroeder calls it "embarrassing." She said that you could also see fingerprints on the horn.

She posted the cake on Facebook with a negative review with the bakery clapping back, saying that she owed them money.

It appears as though the bakery has removed their Facebook page. They wouldn't comment to the local news, saying that this will be handled "in litigation."

That cake, though.

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