Consider it a waterslide on steroids. We can guarantee you won't find anything quite like the fun that awaits this summer in Lake Orion.

Of course, you could find a waterslide somewhere else across Michigan, but you'll need to head to Lake Orion to find the only 'launch' waterslide in the state. The Water Warrior Island water park is located at Bald Mountain Recreation Area in Lake Orion and is definitely for thrill seekers.

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Nestled on a beach, guests will enjoy slides, runways, swings, jumping pillows, and bouncers all connected for intense summer fun. As if that wasn't enough, new this year is something that challenges your inner daredevil.

Welcome to the "Warrior Whoa Slide"!  According to reports, it is the first one in the country. There are three slides each being 30 feet high. Riders slide down at around a 75-degree angle heading for the bottom where they are launched high into the air toward splashing in the water.

“It launches you about 20 feet out. Each slide launches you a little higher", Water Warrior Island co-owner, Sam Fultontold Mlive.



Riders need to weigh at least 75 lbs for catapulting down the slides. The cost is $5 for one slide, $10 for three slides, $15 for five slides, or $25 for 10 slides. For $55 you can have unlimited trips down the slide starting at 6 pm Monday-Thursday, and weekends starting at 7 pm. Keep in mind, Bald Mountain Recreation Area does require a State Recreation Pass to get in. If you didn't add it to your driver's license this year you can pay $18 at the entrance and you'll be covered for a full year at any of the Michigan State Parks.

For more information on the slides, island, kayak & paddle board rentals, and floating cabanas visit

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