If you're like me and you normally get cash back at Kroger, you're now going to be charged.

The other day I was at Kroger and I overheard a guy asking the cashier if there was a charge for getting cash back. She said there was a charge but the amount depended on how much cash back he wanted. He said he wanted twenty bucks back and she told him he'd be charged charge fifty cents. He got rather upset and said forget it.

According to WXYZ, the store is tacking on a 50-cent fee for debit card cashback transactions.

Here's the breakdown:

  • No fee for any request $0.99 and under
  • $0.50 for cash back between $1 and $100
  • $3.50 for cash back between $100.01 and $300

I have no problem paying a fee which I already do when I use an ATM and the way I see it, they're doing me service by providing me with the option get cash.

Some people are so pissed off that they won't shop there anymore, give me a break.

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