Blockbuster quickly moved in for the kill, and is now offering angry Netflix customers a competitively-priced alternative plan. Netflix announced Tuesday that it plans to separate DVD service from its streaming service, thereby raising rates for customers that want both, by about 60%.  (Read my rant, and details of the new pricing structure here.)

The Blockbuster chain, which still operates brick and mortar stores, as well as streaming and DVD-by-mail service, announced that it will offer angry Netflix customers a 30-day free trial of its Total Access service, which it claims is better than Netflix. It offers some new releases 28 days sooner, unlimited in-store exchanges, as well as games for Wii, XBOX 360, and Playstation. Access to Blu-ray movies is included in the $9.99 per-month price. Netflix offers neither games, nor brick and mortar stores.

In order to take advantage of the offer, Netflix customers have to visit, or tear off a piece of their Netflix mailer and take it to a Blockbuster store. They have locations in Flint, Swartz Creek, Davison, Fenton, Grand Blanc, and stores nationwide.

As of this writing, Netflix has over 66,000 comments, some most of them negative on its Facebook page after the price-hike announcement. Its blog reached maximum-comment capacity, as 5,000 people expressed their feelings toward the changes, which take effect September 1st.

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