'Jeopardy!' returns with a new season on September 14, long overdue in the opinion of this longtime fan. But there will be some changes as the game show enters its 37th season.

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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the show has been taping with no studio audience. The contestants are spaced farther apart and there will be more distance between host Alex Trebek and the players.

But the most notable change for the season will be the addition of Ken Jennings who has been hired as a "consulting producer." According to USA Today, "he'll present his own special video categories, develop projects, assist with contestant outreach, and serve as a general ambassador for the show."

But does 'Jeopardy' have bigger plans for Jennings?

Is it reasonable to think that the show may be looking to groom Jennings as its next host when Alex Trebek retires?

I'm not the only one with this theory; Twitter blew up with people wondering the same thing.

Alex Trebek insists that he has nothing to with naming his eventual replacement. In his memoir 'The Answer is ... Reflections of my Life' (which I highly recommend) he joked that maybe he's holding the show back.

"You could replace me as the host of the show with anybody and it would likely be just as popular," Trebek says. "Hell, after 36 years with me, it might even be more popular. The show might be even more appreciated than it is with me as host."

Twitter is full of negative comments about Jennings as a possible replacement for Trebek, but personally I'd love to see him get the gig. Ken Jennings was the winner of Jeopardy's 'Greatest of All Time' championship earlier this year. He was witty and enjoyable to watch but stayed humble as he defeated his opponents, James Holzhauer and Brad Rutter.

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