Serious question: Is Katy Perry dating The Weeknd?

According to Entertainment Weekly, the pop hitmakers met for a meal together last night (November 20) at West Hollywood’s Italian restaurant Madeo. While the "Bon Appétit” superstar and her “Starboy” dinner mate were spotted grabbing a bite to eat, their decision to leave separately as late as midnight led many to suspect a romance could be blooming between the two pop stars.

Fans needn't be alarmed, however — this rendezvous was strictly business.

“They are discussing working together,” a source told E! News, debunking any thoughts of a relationship budding between the two superstars.

"Abel [The Weeknd] is always thinking about new collaborations with talented artists,” assured another source. "Abel has many female friends and most of them are in the industry.”

Although the prospect of a Katy-Weeknd love affair was over before it ever took flight, at least we can relish in the likelihood of a potential collab by the pair in the future, eh?

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