Welcome to the spiral of frustration that became my Sunday.

First off, I have had excellent customer service delivered via social media. Yep, I'm looking at you Southwest Airlines. Thumbs up!


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But with the good. Comes the bad.


My Saturday night was spent looking for a hotel. I am attending a concert at LCA in Detroit on Black Friday. Since I am a responsible adult I chose to get a hotel room downtown so I can let loose and not drive the hour back to Genesee County. Easy enough. I opened my Travelocity app. And quickly found plenty of options.



Thanks to my fancy new iPhone X and Apple Pay I was able to find a good rate and reserve it with a tap of a button. Except for one thing!



Yes, it indeed looks like Travelocity's app defaulted to that night. As in, on Nov. 18th I booked a hotel room for Nov. 18th.



Easy fix, right? Especially when there was a quick solution via Traveolcitys social media team.



I sent a quick DM. Thinking that things could be cleared up soon.



As I awoke on Sunday I saw that this was not the case. Travelocity quickly passed the buck to the DoubleTree by Hilton.



Obviously, I then contacted DoubleTree by Hilton with a tweet and a DM.



Strap in. It's going to get fun.


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Traveolcity, citing the DoubleTree by Hilton policy, says they will not refund the purchase amount.



Meanwhile the DoubleTree by Hilton, citing the Travelocity policy, says they will not refund the purchase.



Then to top it off apparently the DoubleTree by Hilton Twitter account is not run by the actual DoubleTree by Hilton (Detroit-Ft. Shelby) in question. So they pass it off to them.



Mind you this has been going on while I watch my beloved Chicago Bears biff every opportunity to defeat the Detroit Lions. Congrats on that one pride. A win is a win!


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So, here's to the best, and in this case worst, social media customer service one can get!