Here's one I never figured out. If you look at the list of people inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, virtually all of the those inducted have a long list of musical success. Some folks make it in with much less. Such is the case for Janis Joplin.Janis had only one solo hit that ever broke the top 40 charts. It was a huge hit that topped the charts for a couple of weeks, but the song, "Me & Bobby McGee", had also been a previous hit on the country charts two years earlier for Roger Miller. The only other appearance for the lady they called "Pearl" was in 1968 with a group called "Big Brother & the Holding Company", on the album "Cheap Thrills".  The song was titled "Piece of My Heart".

Perhaps her early death from a drug overdose caused the judges to vote for her induction into the Hall of Fame, but it doesn't really seem fair to those with long successful musical careers who never did make it in.

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