A week before the premiere of 'The Connors,' John Goodman spoke to Jimmy Kimmel about life without Roseanne Barr, after herTwitter comments resulted in the cancellation of the 'Roseanne' reboot and how the show will go on without its matriarch and former namesake.

"She is missed, definitely. After that many years, it’s like a family," Goodman told Kimmel. "It was very weird doing the first show without her because she’s my buddy."

Goodman spoke fondly of the reboot and praised Barr for giving up her financial ties to the show, allowing the show's remaining cast and crew to work.


“Last year was so miraculous and so unreal that when it went away it was almost like a dream," Goodman said, speaking of the reboot's cancellation. “She gave up a lot so that people could work."

Goodman didn't disclose how the show will deal with Roseanne's departure but said the topic will be addressed on the show. "It's the family minus Mom," he said.

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