It's been quite a week for Swartz Creek Superintendent Ben Mainka and High School Principal Jim Kitchen. The pair (or should we refer to them as a singing duo?) have become instant internet stars for a couple of school-closing videos announcing that school was closed, due to inclement weather.

Jimmy Kimmel said, "Get those guys a couple of Grammy awards!" when he featured a clip on his show Wednesday (1/30) night. Watch the video (below) from Jimmy Kimmel Live, which also features some pretty funny antics from people in the frozen midwest trying to beat cabin fever.

If you haven't seen the videos from the Swartz Creek admins yet, (or if you just need to see them again) check them out.

The first features Mainka and Kitchen singing to Leonard Cohen's 'Hallelujah.' Kitchen tells Cars 108's Pat and AJ that the words to their 'It's a Snow Day' adaptation were written by Superintendent Mainka's wife.

A second video, released a couple of days later, is a take on 'Let it Go,' the theme from 'Frozen.' Sing it with us:  Stay at home ... Stay at hoooooome!


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