Jimmy John's boasts "freaky fast delivery" when it comes to ordering their subs. But someone pulled a freaky fast one on the Gourmet sandwich chain, compromising credit and debit card data from customers in 37 states including Michigan.

In a report, the Illinois-based privately owned company claims that someone stole log-in information to remotely upload the malicious malware on cars-swiping machines.  The company became aware of the security breach on July 30th, but attack occurred between June 16 and September 15.

Customers’ credit card numbers, expiration dates, verification codes and names were stolen at random locations over random time periods. Although 216 Jimmy John's locations were hacked, the locations on Linden Road in Flint and Saginaw Street in Grand Blanc were not on the list of locations involved in the security breach.  See the full list of locations affected by clicking here.


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