She ordered a Billy Club "unwich" and requested no mustard or mayo.

Lindsey Bresnahan is suing the Grand Rapids-area Jimmy John's for an incident that occurred on June 2nd. She claims that, after she bit into the unwich, she started to experience an allergic reaction: the unwich had mustard on it.

She took Benadryl and called the sandwich shop; they apologized and sent a delivery driver to pick up the food.

She had a doctor appointment for something unrelated, and her doctor continued to have her take Benadryl. According the lawsuit, she was coughing so violently that she was unable to speak "above a whisper."

The lawsuit asks for $75,000 in damages.

I'm not sue-happy by any means, but I'm not against them, the right situation. She specifically requested it without mustard, because she's allergic. Can you blame her?

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