The Michigan Independent Bowling and Entertainment Centers Association or (IBECA) is filing a federal lawsuit against Governor Gretchen Whitmer for not allowing them to reopen their businesses.

I would've assumed that bowling alleys would have been in the first wave of events to get the ok to re-open. It's completely non-contact and I'm pretty sure bowling isn't even a real sport. So what's the problem governor? Just let them re-open!

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IBECA alleges that the governor violated Federal and Michigan constitutions by not providing compensation for them after closing down their public businesses.

The director of the IBECA had this to say:

Bowling centers, roller skating rinks, and other businesses were targeted by Governor Whitmer’s administration for closure for approximately eight months last year. Plaintiffs have no animus against anyone and simply needed to work to pay their bills and care for their employees, families, and communities. Since they were forced to remain closed, they should be compensated by Defendants for the value of their business which they have worked for decades to build.

We're in the roughest time of our lives and I can't imagine the headache that comes along with running a business during this pandemic. SO I can understand the frustration that's coming from the IBECA and I agree that they do deserve some form of compensation. I do know that a large amount in COVD-19 grants just got approved for Michigan. Hopefully, the IBECA see some cash soon and we can put all this legal crap behind us.


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