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Several former 'Jeopardy' contestants who took place in last year's Tournament of Champions are paying tribute to Alex Trebek and raising money to fight pancreatic cancer.

Steven Grade, who won over $115,000 over a five-day streak on Jeopardy last March, had the idea to create commemorative scarves for his fellow Tournament of Champions contestants. The purple ribbon has long been a symbol that shows support for the fight against pancreatic cancer. The purple scarves feature a purple ribbon as a tribute to the beloved Jeopardy host.

Several of last year's 'Tournament' contestants showed off the scarves while expressing their love for Trebek, who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer early in 2019.

"It came to mind that I wanted to do something to kinda commemorate that time that we had all spent together," Grade says in the video below. "We eventually settled on the scarf and we knew that we wanted it to say 'Jeopardy' on it, say 'Tournament of Champions' on it, but when we were out there that was when [Trebek] announced that he was going into his second round of chemo, and then, of course, Dhruv's big moment of 'We love you, Alex' with his Final Jeopardy in the semi-finals, and as a way to pay tribute to that and to honor Alex, we wanted to include the purple ribbon on there as well."

See the players' video below.


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