Exactly how smart is this James Holzhauer and why do I feel so dumb watching him?  The answers may be in the numbers. On Monday, he won his 28th straight game adding $130,222 to his winnings, which now total $2,195,557. At this pace, he will surpass current all-time champ Ken Jennings within a month. His latest take leaves him just $325,143 shy of the $2,520,700 Jennings scored during his 2004 74-episode hot streak.

"Jeopardy James", as he is now becoming known, is a 34-year-old professional sports gambler that resides in Las Vegas, where taking a chance is almost a way of life. He has amazed and astounded viewers for several weeks now, and even Jennings himself has taken notice. "For 15 years, I have thought somebody was gonna make a run at this record, 'cause I always knew it could be done. I was there," Jennings said. "I know it's been possible. What I did not expect, was that somebody could make a run at the cash record, in like a third (of) the time," he continued. "It's really just astounding, what he's doing."

This isn't Holzhauer's first appearance on the game show circuit. He appeared on the quiz show "The Chase" back in 2014 and "500 Questions" in 2015 doing quite well, but nothing compared to his current success on "JEOPARDY!".

With an accuracy rate of 97% can you say,  "I'll take New All-Time Champion for $1000 Alex"

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