A bill introduced last year that would allow the sale of alcohol at college sporting events is getting another push from lawmakers after it failed to pass the first time around.

Many believe the bill would pass this year as it has more support now than in the past.

Gretchen Whitmer told FOX 2 this year that she would sign a bill if it made its way to her desk.

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It's not like alcohol would be sold nonstop throughout these games. The bill would only allow for the sale of alcohol one hour before games, during the game, and 30 minutes after. Also, university governing boards would have to apply for liquor licenses before they would be able to sell alcohol.

It sounds like the ones that are opposing the move the most are local bars that would more than likely take a hit in revenue.

While I'm 100% in favor of allowing alcohol at college sporting events, I understand some of the problems schools could face with a decision like this. I would have to assume that schools that already allow it, deal with their fair share of alcohol-related incidents. However, this would be in a more controlled environment. I think it would cut down on people binge drinking before entering stadiums. Many officials feel the same way.

Also when you think about it, it's not fair that only people with money that have suites are allowed to drink at college games.

The bill could get its first hearing on April 11.

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