A campground in Southeast Michigan has permanently closed its lake after multiple teenagers have lost their lives in the water.

KOA Monroe County
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The campground is run by KOA, according to Detroit TV station WJBK-TV. KOA is a private campground company, operating multiple facilities in Michigan and throughout the United States.

Other amenities associated with the campground will remain in operation.

Two Drownings Lead to Lake's Closure

On June 29 of this year, the body of an 18-year-old from Ohio was pulled from the lake. The teenager was recovered and pronounced dead by the Monroe County Sheriff's Department after being under the water for approximately 10 minutes.

In 2022, a 15-year-old named Jayled Hill went missing for 20 minutes before the sheriff's department dive team located the Detroit teen.

Campground Refund Policy

The Monroe County Toledo North KOA says it will offer full refunds to anyone who has made reservations this summer and planned to use the facility for swimming.

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