Walmart has always been one of the best stores to go to because it is the definition of a superstore. Walmart has almost everything you need and is the embodiment of a one-stop-shop. Considering this is the case they also don't always have the best quality products or the best pricing on those products either, making it harder to justify going there to buy certain things.

Once upon a time it was a normal occurrence to take a trip to Walmart and have the intentions on purchasing some household items, cleaning supplies, maybe new clothes or shoes, entertainment needs, and then finish your trip by grocery shopping. As the times go on, inflation continues to hit, and people are waking up, some things are sitting on the shelves at Walmart longer than they used to.

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There are some things that I wouldn't even think twice about buying from Walmart simply because there is a store somewhere close by that specializes in that specific product. Although, there are certain things that Walmart has on wrap, like when it comes to deli food, I WILL go to Walmart every time.

When thinking about things I use on a daily basis, may need for my house, or could be found in multiple stores, I am less likely to want to travel to Walmart and will choose one of the other stores first. Also, I didn't want to say it but the people of Walmart, meaning the people who visit and shop there, and sometimes the workers too, make it hard to want to continuously shop there when anything could happen at any time.

Here is a list of 10 things (and maybe a few more) that I wouldn't even consider buying from a Walmart in Michigan.

11 Items You Should Not Buy At Walmart Stores

If you're trying to save money at Walmart stores you should still avoid purchasing these items while you're there.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

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