I would imagine you have read lots of stories over the past few years about the places that we put are butts are getting made larger. Chairs, beds and other pieces of furniture come to mind. What about toilet seats? Is yours big enough? Take the jump and get a look at this monster.

This certainly isn't your parent’s toilet seat; it's 75% bigger than a regular seat and holds up to three times the weight. Wow, that's a big rear end.

The Big John seats are imported from America and sold by Derby-based Gordon Ellis & Co - which said sales have doubled in the last two years as the number of overweight people rockets. The company says "People are getting bigger, wider and heavier. Why shouldn't they have a comfortable time when they go to the toilet?

Around one in every 11 deaths is now linked to carrying excess fat; experts fear the number may soon exceed that from smoking. Check out the video and see how you size up.