Help is on the way for anyone who has ever sat on (or maybe we should say, "sat in") a toilet after someone has forgotten to put the seat down. 'The Flush Down,' a device created by Grand Rapids inventor Thomas Reminga, will automatically lower the seat and lid when the commode is flushed.

We think this might save a few marriages!

Reminga has received a $5,000 investment from the Start Garden Community, an investment company based in Grand Rapids.

"There are millions of ladies that get frustrated each and every day and this product can help fix that," says Reminga. "You also have animals drinking out of the toilet and small kids playing in them. Then there's the germs when the lid's up. And they don’t need us men to install it for them. (NO TOOLS NEEDED)!!"

Riminga, a single father who lives in Grand Rapids, goes on to say that he hopes to keep the cost down, in order to make it affordable for every household.

Take a look at the video demonstration of 'The Flush Down.'

- George McIntyre
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