Since when did recycling and being a decent human being turn into a political stance?

Look, I know it's not realistic to think that we can all afford $8K of solar panels on our house, or a $27,000 electric car. But it doesn't cost anything to recycle or to NOT throw trash out of your car window.

I absolutely, positively HATE how politicians can take something as simple as being green and make it into a "one side vs. the other" issue. Once that happens, it's all downhill. It's all fighting and finger-pointing.

I'm not a tree-hugger, but I appreciate nature. I have respect for it. Hell, I went hiking in the mountains and took my granola bar wrappers, tissues and water bottles back with me to throw them out properly instead of on the trail.

I have a hybrid car; it uses gas AND battery power. And yes, it has paid itself off in spades. I spend $20 or less to fill it up and a full tank can last over a week.

I recycle. I break down our Amazon boxes, cereal boxes, etc. and put them out separately for the city to collect. It doesn't take any longer than it would to NOT put them out separately.

When we were kids, the stories about soda rings being caught around animals' necks came out. Ever since then, my mom taught my sister and me to cut the rings before throwing them out.

Look, I get it - if it doesn't affect you right now, right this minute, you may not be inclined to care. But this IS affecting us right now, even if it's not happening right in our backyards.

These are all VERY tiny things I can do on my end to respect our planet. Being "green" has become a political punchline, and that's sad.

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