"It should have changed a long time ago. And should immediately if not sooner."

Apparently, this is an issue that comes around every couple of years. And now, with the water crisis, it's showing up again. Even though Flint Township is right next to Flint, some people in the community don't want to be associated with the city's ongoing problems.

Flint Township is running radio ads right now, stating that they are not part of Flint, and do not share its issues. Several business owners think that a name change might help bring more business, however, others think it's not necessary and that they should give Flint a chance.

"I like Flint Township. I've lived here for the last 30 years and I've done business here for a long time. So I'd like to keep the name the way it is," attorney Rick Harris told ABC 12.

Names that have been discussed include Grandview Heights, West Haven, West Point and Bishop.

What do you think?