Tiffany Frantz was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer when she was just 21 years old. The Pennsylvania woman fears keeping her cellphone in her bra may have been the cause. She ended up having a mastectomy.

Tiffany's breast cancer developed on her left breast, precisely in the area where she kept her phone.

"I kept it in my bra so that it was easy to feel on vibrate, it was easier to hear."

The wireless industry denies any connection between cellphones and breast cancer, citing lack of research. The Centers for Disease Control also says there is scientific research to back any claims that cellphones can cause breast cancer.

But breast surgeon Dr. Lisa Bailey advises patients not to carry their phones in their bras.

“There’s no evidence, but that’s because we haven’t studied it,” she said.

Despite lack of scientific proof, some doctors now believe there is a connection between cellphones and breast cancer. They advise female patients not to place the devices in their bras, and warn men not to carry cellphones in shirt pockets.

- George McIntyre
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