Don't you just love the rumor mill? *sarcasm*

Friday was a hectic day for businesses in Grand Blanc. Locations like ALDI made the decision to board up their windows and close early because of the pending protest, and then there was Starbucks on Saginaw, which closed unexpectedly.

But why? Was it because of the protest that was about to happen? Was it because the location was shutting down for good? Or...something else?

It appears to be the latter.

via Pat and AJ

I drove by there on Saturday and noticed that there were cleaning trucks parked outside. Could it have been an employee that tested positive for COVID-19?

We don't seem to have any concrete answers, other than that the closure is temporary. So don't panic, you'll be able to get your iced macchiato again.

via Pat and AJ

After reading through the comments on the Cars 108 Facebook page, it appears as though this isn't an isolated incident. Andrea from Ohio said that her local Starbucks has been closing once every few weeks to clean as a precaution.

Other commenters mentioned that the Miller Road location, as well as the Fenton and Hill Road location had been previously closed temporarily for cleaning.

I mean, it's not like there's a shortage of coffee places in that area. Tim Horton's is right across the street and Big Apple Bagels is about a mile-and-a-half away. Either way, you can't blame a business for being cautious right now. If they weren't cleaning, people would be complaining about that.

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