"But wait, there's more!" That's the catchphrase that infomercial pioneer, marketing mastermind Barry Becher carved into American vocabulary. Best known for promoting Ginsu Knives, the kitchen tool that could cut tomatoes and two by fours, Becher passed away from complications of kidney cancer.

Becher and his friend and business partner Ed Valenti started out marketing products through extended tv commercials. Their first venture was a two minute tv spot for the Miracle Painter paint brush. They sold more than a million units.

That led to more unique products and a longer presentation. Ginsu Knives are probably their best known product. The infomercial is now all over television, and their efforts probably led to things like the Home Shopping Network and other shopping channels.

Becher's funeral was held on Monday, his family is seriously considering etching on his tombstone "But Wait, There's More."