Stop the social media fear mongering. You're not being injected with a hidden camera or kryptonite from the government. 

I'm sure that I'll catch some flack for this post, and so be it. I can take it. Not only am I a mom, a wife, and an employee of a company, but I'm also a human being that realizes that the world doesn't revolve around only ME. I'm around other people most of the day, which might include YOU.

This is why I'm glad that I got the flu shot, even though I still got the flu. 

I assume that we can thank Jenny McCarthy for her irresponsible pandering of how vaccinations cause autism. I have a child on the spectrum, and even I know that this is complete BS. But, all of a sudden, vaccines became an enemy of the human race for a lot of people, and I can't understand why.

Take your tin foil hat off for a minute and ask yourself about your previous medical education. Most of us actually have, well, NONE. And those who DO have a medical background have studied for years, even decades, and paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to do so.

In short, I trust medical professionals. I do NOT think that vaccinations are dangerous. In fact, there's a reason that our children don't die of polio. And measles. And other diseases that can be easily prevented. Because of VACCINES.

Per one of my best friends, who is an RN, a flu shot will NOT give you the flu. If you experience symptoms, you were probably sick to begin with. Remember, a virus takes a few days to manifest itself once it enters your body.

I had the flu four years ago, right around the same time of the year. It started with a neck ache and ended up being the worst two months of my life. I wasn't myself until well into March. I coughed all night, couldn't get comfortable, etc. I hadn't gotten the flu shot that year.

Fast-forward to 2018 - I got my flu shot in November. I've gotten it every year since "the flu of 2014." Guess what? Last Tuesday night, I had a sore throat, a blinding headache and body aches that had me in bed by 7 PM. Stayed home on Wednesday, went to the doctor on Thursday, was diagnosed with the flu, given Tamiflu and sent on my way.

This flu hasn't been NEARLY as debilitating as the one I had in 2014. Why? Because I got the shot. The flu shot only covers about 10% of the flu strains that are out there, but even though I got one that was NOT covered, my symptoms have been tolerable. I've been able to keep working when I'm not contagious. I've been able to sleep. I've been able to walk my dog. It's bearable.

Yes, I know that American healthcare is a business; aka, people make money off of it. I get that. Trust me, I've been to collections for medical bills many times. If you want to think that the flu shot is a money grab, that's fine. If you want to think that the flu shot is a government conspiracy, that's fine. But do NOT tell others NOT to get the shot.

It's a personal decision, but it's not just about YOU. It's about those around you. Your kids. Your coworkers. Friends and family. 20 people have died this year, and the flu is 3x worse than last year.

TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. Because that's the only way we can take care of each other. 

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