The airlines said that they were gonna do it, and they have. 

On Thursday, I took a flight from Detroit to Denver on an airline "who must not be named."

Honestly, it really doesn't matter which airline it is; they're all going to do it - the news came out last year that airlines are going to start making seats even smaller so that they can cram more of us on flights like sardines and make a few extra bucks. Because, you know, they're "struggling." *eye roll*

I'll preface this with my personal info, because it's only fair - I'm 5'11" tall, a size 14 dress and pants. I'm taller than the average woman; I've always been tall. So yes, flying sucks because there's no leg room. It's just something I've come to expect.

But for the first time EVER last week, I felt cramped. IN MY SEAT.

I thought I was crazy. When I sat down and my butt flattened out like a pancake, I was touching the sides of the seat. I had a moment of panic - OMG, what happened? I lost ten pounds after my mother-in-law died, shouldn't this be MORE comfortable? What is going ON?

I figured that I'd wait and see what the flight home was like. And, sure enough, it was an older plane...and I had TONS of extra room. 

So consider this a warning for the next time you fly. Let's not use this as an excuse to get fat, of course. They're never going to make the seats BIGGER for us. They know that they've got us by the cajones; flying is a necessity to travel. And we have few choices but to squeeze into these airborne tuna cans to get across the country or the world.

But if you're a little surprised at how TIGHT your booty feels in that new plane, it's likely not because you've eaten too many cheeseburgers.

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