Because if there's one thing we can attempt to pull off safely right now, it's a car show.

This week, Hurley Medical Center is taking time to recognize their amazing 2,700 employees during Employee Appreciation Week.

Obviously, this year is a little bit different (much like everything this year, really). While practicing social distancing, Hurley is providing employees with free meals, ice cream socials, outdoor Zumba class, giveaways, concerts in the park, and more.

The pandemic has made us all realize how valuable our healthcare employees are to our community. Personally, I know a few doctors and nurses who lived in RVs parked in their driveway and hotels to shelter their families from COVID-19. Can you imagine? Going from right from work to a hotel because you don't want to get your family sick? That's a BIG commitment.

Today, Hurley is having their second annual Employee Car Show until 6 PM in Lot D, just off of Patrick Sreet. Last year, they had about ten employees bring their classic cars into work, and they're hoping for more today.

"I thought it would be nice to bring your car to work, a little bring your car to work day. Bring it, show it off, no kind of a hassle. Just a fun day," organizer Henry Sonderegger told Mid-Michigan now last summer.

And let's talk about this video for a second - powerful, firsthand accounts of what it's like to work at Hurley, and what it's like to be a healthcare provider during the pandemic. THANK YOU! We appreciate you!

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