Hurley Children's Hospital has named Lydia Bollinger as the 2021 Children's Miracle Network Champion.

This means you'll be seeing Lydia's adorable face all throughout Michigan this year helping to spread the word about Children's Miracle Network. The announcement came out this week, and I couldn't possibly be happier for Lydia. She has been through more in her 6 years than most of us will ever have to face. Despite all of the challenges she's one of happiest little girls I've ever met.

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I was lucky enough to meet Lydia when we were planning our Children's Miracle Network radiothon. Meeting Lydia for the first time, I never would have guessed that she was lucky to be alive.

Lydia and I became fast friends after we met, and I am so thrilled that she was chosen to represent Hurley and CMN this year. She has the kind of spirit that just brightens up any room that she is in. We first met in 2019 as we were preparing for the radiothon a few months later . . . then Covid happened. Fast forward to the Fall of 2020 when we actually did the radiothon. I was greeting the families as they would come to talk about their experience at Hurley Children's Hospital, and was a little worried that some of the kids wouldn't remember meeting. Lydia remembered . . . and she brought that infectious spirit with her to the radiothon.

You can hear Lydia and her mom Laura tell their story during the Let's Make Miracles Radiothon below.

Lydia and her family had a rough start to life, but you would never know meeting her now. She still struggles with many of her early ailments, but she does it with more joy than I can explain in words. The spirit this little girl has is what we all should be striving for.

Lydia is a miracle.

Hurley Children's Hospital

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