Ice cream makes everything better, but when the ice cream is inspired by a Hurley Miracle child, it becomes the stuff of miracles.

If you've ever seen the Charlie + Co Ice Cream truck out and about, you no doubt stopped to take a second look. The trailer looks like it is straight out of a fairy tale, and the fact that it's full of ice cream and treats doesn't hurt either. This whole setup seems like a great business/money making venture, but most of the time they're focused on giving away the money they bring in.

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Charlie Lash is a happy, healthy little girl right now, and she has the incredible miracle workers at Hurley to thank for that. Charlie was diagnosed with MIS-C (a rare but serious complication associated with COVID-19). This rare illness was only discovered in April of 2020. Dealing with such a new diagnosis brought on a whole slew of unanswered questions and confusion. Luckily the experts at Hurley were there to make sure Charlie made it through.


After the miracle workers at Hurley did their thing, Charlie's Grandma decided that her granddaughters' unexpected journey could be turned into a way to help others. She also loved the idea of having more quality bonding time with Charlie.

After a few months of trailer renovation and decoration, Charlie + Co Ice Cream was born. Now Charlie and her Grandma are in high demand for their incredible ice cream truck.


Charlie and her grandma are going to be out at the Union Pharmacy in Mt Morris Thursday evening and Friday during the day taking donations for ice cream.

You can donate online here, or just drop a donation in the bucket when you pick up your ice cream. Friday night, Charlie will present a check with all of the money they raised to help make miracles at Hurley.

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