I've done it. I try a grape before I buy a bunch. Sometimes, I throw something to snack on as I shop into the cart. I always pay for it with the rest of my groceries. That's not what this lady had in mind, though! Details after the jump.


A lady...I mean a young woman hit the hot bar at her local Kroger in Ohio for some chili. Here's the problem. She was eating it as she wandered through the store. You pay by weight for food items like that, so a Kroger employee confronted her, and told her to head to a checkout to pay for her food. She responded by throwing the cup of hot chili on him, and throwing punches.

She was arrested for assault and theft. No word on if the Kroger employee was injured or not. Hopefully the chili wasn't too hot, but watch yourself next time you're at your local salad or hot bar!