"Nothing like having a hot air balloon land on your boat." Those were Kaylee Kuczka's words after Craig Campbell landed his vessel on her pontoon this weekend.

Campbell was piloting the hot air balloon over St. Mary's Lake in Calhoun County's Bedford Township when he began running low on fuel. Campbell tells WWMT that he reached 1,500 feet before realizing he was in trouble. He began to descend, but knew he wouldn't be able to make it to land.

Campbell hovered near Kuczka's pontoon and asked her for help.

"They said come down there we need your help. We’re running out of fuel, can you help us get to the land?" Kuczka said.

Kuczka and her family made room at the front of the pontoon for Campbell and his passengers to land.

"We landed right on top then they slowly brought us in. It was a lot of fun and really interesting," said Campbell.

Kuczka, her family, and Campbell say the once-in-a-lifetime experience has helped them strike up an instant friendship.

Watch the videos below.

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