Want to make your backyard a more popular place? Add a campfire pit; it's relatively easy to make and it is a great addition for the entire family.  See how I created this easy and entertaining area in my backyard.

We probably have a fire in the pit four or five times a week during the summer months. It's enjoyable to sit around on a cool evening and the kids always loved roasting marshmallows in it.

It's pretty easy to make one. You just need some boulders to circle the pit, or you can buy one of the fire rings that are now available at most hardware store.

I dug ours out (about 24 inches deep), and placed a couple of inches of cement at the bottom to make clean-up easier.

I then placed enough rocks to cover the circumference of the pit.

Now, grab some easy chairs to set around it and then, just bring on the firewood or flammable logs and you are ready to go.

It's easy and fun, and it's a big draw in the evening.