After the shooting at Planet 3 Extreme Air Park in Flint Township, a lot of people have questions about the law.

It was announced by law enforcement yesterday that the 39-year-old woman who shot 43-year-old Darren Hodges at Planet 3 will not face any charges. Hodges was killed in the shooting, which happened inside the air park around 10:30 PM on January 18th.

He had a long history of domestic violence against at least nine other people, dating back to the early 90s. He had previously spent 15 years in prison for violence against his newborn baby, who died after 16 days.

The woman who shot Hodges had called police in the past about him; he had tried to strangle her 14-year-old son with a belt and punched him in the stomach.

Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton said that she was acting in self-defense.


Michigan has a statute on the use of deadly force - it's called the Self-Defense Act. It states that you have the right to protect yourself if:

1. You're not engaged in a crime
2.You're legally allowed to be wherever you are
3. Deadly force is the only way to protect yourself

You MUST have a license to conceal and carry in Michigan (which the suspect had), but you also must obey requests from businesses who ask you NOT to conceal and carry.

For further explanation, click HERE.

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