Luckily, Genesee County isn't affected very much.

It's a bad year for store closings - between Macy's, Kmart, Game Stop and other stores shutting the doors of their brick-and-mortar locations, it was just announced that Payless is filing for bankruptcy, and Family Dollar will be closing stores as well.

In Michigan, 20 Family Dollar locations are closing. The stores affected include 2 stores in Grand Rapids, 5 stores in Detroit, and 1 store in each of the following cities: Highland Park, Benton Harbor, Eastpointe, Inkster, Mount Morris, Holland, Portage, Ferndale, Lansing, Burton, Oak Park and Saginaw.

However, as far as Payless stores are concerned, none of the closings will be in our area. The 10 stores on the chopping block include 3 in Detroit and the suburbs, and 1 in each of the following: Adrian, Alpena, Benton City, Big Rapids, Cadillac and Okemos.

AJ has a theory that I can get behind - she thinks it's a case of "Flint pity." A lot of the stores closings, regardless of brand, haven't affected our area, and she think it's because of the water crisis. Either way, I'll never complain about keeping jobs and businesses in our area!



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