Because apparently, people are not clear on how to do this in our neighborhood.

Does your subdivision have its own Facebook page? Ours does. Never been part of something like that before. Needless to say, it's...entertaining. Helpful, yes. But also...entertaining.

There are posts about garage sales, lawn services, etc. And then, there are posts about how people aren't cleaning up after their dogs. One person actually let their dog POOP IN SOMEBODY'S DRIVEWAY AND LEFT IT THERE.

Call me crazy, but WHAT FREAKING PLANET do you live on where you learned that not picking up your dog's poop is okay? Planet "I don't give a sh**" apparently exists.

So, to answer any questions that people may have, I made the following instructional video, and for a small fee, I'll personalize one for YOUR neighborhood, too. ;)

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