Experts say we are in for a doozy of a winter again this year.

Well, 'Experts' may be carrying it a bit too far, but the Farmers' Almanac has been known to get it right much of the time. And this year, the publication says we're in for periods of extreme cold and significant snowfall.

I'd say they got it right with this prediction last year.

The Almanac predicts that a "Polar Coaster Winter" is ahead of us, saying that it will be filled with "chills and thrills." The mercury in the thermometer will take so many ups and downs that it "may remind you of a Polar Coaster."

Expect to be hit with cold temperatures in late January. Millions of people from the Northern Plains to the Great Lakes could be in for readings as low as -40 degrees, according to the Almanac.

But January could also mean a lot of precipitation.

"January 4–7 and 12–15 could, depending on where you live, mean copious amounts of snow, rain, sleet, and ice."

The Farmers' Almanac has been making broad weather predictions since 1818 and claims 80% accuracy.

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