We've all been there.  Something breaks and you don't have the money to fix it properly yourself or have a professional take care of the problem for you.  So what do you do?  MacGuyver it!

I've had some good results with some of my quick fixes and some total failures.  My recent success happened just yesterday.  Being a guy in the radio industry, you'd think that I have a great car radio with amazing reception, right.  Nope!

My car's antenna crapped out over a year ago leaving me with almost no options to listen to.  I had replaced the antenna two or three times hoping to get better reception with no luck at all.  It was then that I realized that there had to be something wrong between where the antenna attached to the roof of the car and the radio itself.

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I pulled the radio out of the dashboard, disconnected the antenna cable that was built in to the car, and connected an after market antenna directly to the radio.  It worked!  Now I have a car antenna dangling from the passenger-side visor.  It may look redneck-ish, but it works!  I just wish it looked as good as my color-coordinated duct tape job that kept my driver-side window up for almost two years. Click here to read about that debacle, and here to see how it ended.

What have you MacGuyvered?  Did it work?  How long did it last?  I've got plenty of these from my basement to my mailbox, but I want to hear about your quick-fixes.

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