You know that feeling you get when you walk into the salon and spa at a 5-star hotel in New York or LA? The atmosphere and the services are unique and top notch. Well, I get all of that and more right here in my own backyard. Pure Bliss Salon & Spa has everything I need in the way of services and makes me feel like I am on a mini vacation while I’m there!

I have been a client since they opened their doors and have fallen in love with the staff and the pampering I get. From my hair to my nails to the most incredible spa services, I am addicted to their massages and skin treatments too! They have the latest treatments and products available.

I absolutely love the magic they worked on my hair. For years I have wanted my long hair back. I love how it looks and how easy it is to manage for ponytails and styles. The problem was as I got older my hair wasn’t growing the way it used to. Stylist and owner Melissa suggested their Cinderella Hair Extensions.

I was a bit skeptical since I had seen several people with extensions you could easily see and that had the look of… well… artificial hair. She assured me that Cinderella Hair Extensions are top of the line — a service that most aren’t even trained to provide, but Pure Bliss was. I added about 4 inches plus to my length including increasing the overall fullness and volume. As you can see, they add the extensions and then cut the hair to the desired length:

Townsquare Media

The care is easy! I shampoo and condition as normal with a special shampoo made for extensions. I blow dry and curl or straighten as I would normally.  The initial process took 6 ½ hours to do. I had them done the end of April and have since had my hair colored once. I will be going for a maintenance appointment soon to have some extensions replaced and tightened. Usually this type of appointment is needed only every 2-3 months.

I couldn't be more pleased with the results. I have fallen in love with my hair again and I am constantly receiving compliments from friends and even strangers.

Pure Bliss Salon & Spa is my happy place away from it all, and I don’t have to travel to the big city to experience all the luxury and pampering ... It’s all right here! Learn more and book an appointment at or by calling (810) 820-6377.