It's scary to think that as you're driving down the street, you could be shot at from out of nowhere. That fear is gripping several counties in Mid-Michigan. As of this morning, 19 vehicles have been shot at by a mysterious gunman who remains at large.

Reports have come in from Oakland, Ingham and Livingston counties along the I-96 corridor. Over the weekend, two shootings were reported in Shiawassee County in the small city of Perry located between Flint and Lansing just off of I-69.

Flint is still recovering from the terror surrounding the ongoing stabbing attacks by Elias Abuelazam just two years ago.  Now, these attacks by this gunman are getting closer and closer to Flint and Genesee County.  Several schools in the area near the attacks are having indoor recess, and are locking doors during school hours.

Oakland County officials are not using the word 'sniper' to describe the gunman because it is believed that he is using a handgun, and it apparently not a skilled shooter.  No one has been killed or injured so far in these attacks.  Police have a sketch of the shooter and believe he is in his mid-30s and drives a black or dark-colored sports car.  If you have any information, please contact police.