Well isn't this the cutest thing we've ever freakin' seen!

Postal workers need all the support that they can get right now, and this guy is definitely getting a lot of love. Puppy love, that is.

Meghan Gruszynski posted an adorable video to her 2-year-old dog Moose's Instagram page earlier this year and it quickly went viral with over 20,000 views.

The mail carrier, who wishes to keep his identity private, loves his daily interactions with Moose. Not only that, but there's an added level of sentimentality here - his own dog passed away back in January. Not long afterwards, the Gruszynski house was added to his route...and the rest is history. Adorable history on Instagram.

The mail carrier told WOOD-TV that Moose reminds him of his own dog when he was a puppy.

In fact, the video was so popular that it made the news all over the world, as far away as South Korea.

If you need something to brighten your day today, take a gander at all of the adorable videos and pictures on Moose's Instagram. Moose even has a new baby brother, and their relationship is being documented in pictures there, too.

It's SO refreshing to see some positive news about a postal service employee, and it's always adorable to see a relationship between a dog and a stranger that's so beautiful.

“It makes our days just as much as it makes everyone else’s,” Megan told WOOD-TV. “We’ve got a special thing going on."

Darn right you do! And thank you for sharing it with all of us!

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