Mark Farner isn't showing much love for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame these days.

The former Grand Funk Railroad singer, and Flint native, was recently asked in a interview his thoughts on seeing various rap and hip-hop artist be inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame before the legendary band he actually co-founded more than five decades ago.

In a recent interview with a magazine, Farner notes the "snub' basically shows the Rock Hall is not showing truly what the people want. Farner said,

"Well, it just shows the illegitimacy of that Rock Hall. And the people are definitely smart enough to know this. They need to be reminded, though, that the Rock Hall is not a representation of the will of the people; it is a representation of the will of the owners of the Rock Hall. That's what it is, and it is super political."

Farner, who formed Grand Funk Railroad back in 1969 along with Don Brewer and Mel Schacher, was the guitarist and lead singer for Grand Funk Railroad and wrote most of their material. His best-known composition is the 1970 epic "I'm Your Captain (Closer to Home)". The band has been eligible since 1994. While together, Grand Funk Railroad released 11 albums between 1969 and 1976, all of which went gold or platinum.

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Farner did receive the Cherokee Medal of Honor in 1999 from the Cherokee Honor Society of which he is very proud.

"You know something? I feel great about receiving the Cherokee Medal Of Honor," he said in the interview. "I don't need to be in a Rock Hall. 'Cause without the people's opinion, it's fake. It's politicized, and, brother, it just ain't real."

Mark Farner is releasing a new live concert DVD on February 23rd titled "From Chile with Love". You can pre-order it now on the Mark Farner's American Band website.


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