The "church" is planning a picket of the school's homecoming on Friday because of him, and he's got something to say about it.

The Westboro Baptist Bullies (sorry not sorry - they're not a church and we're not gonna call them that) are making their way up to Michigan tomorrow to picket a whole bunch of events in Flint and Grand Blanc, but their main focus seems to be Grand Blanc's homecoming celebrations.

According to a press release from the Westboro Baptist Bullies, "
"God's curse is heavy upon the land and delusions abound. Grand Blanc had a homecoming Prince, but it's girl!"

They're referencing Kourt Frame, a transgender student who was crowned homecoming prince in 2016. Kind of late to the party, aren't they?

"You're from Kansas, but you’re coming 900 miles to come see me? For something that happened two years ago? Grow up!" Kourt told ABC 12.

Welcome to Genesee County, WBB. Where we support each other no matter WHAT.

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