Some student-athletes in Genesee County are now in a 10-day quarantine.

A referee that worked a high school basketball game on Tuesday has tested positive for COVID-19. The positive test has now created several issues for the teams and refs in the area. High school basketball players from Carman-Ainsworth and Linden have now entered into a 10-day quarantine period.

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Not only has this caused a bit of a ruckus for the players, but the situation also adds to the referee shortage in the area. Three other refs that were in close contact with the ref that tested positive are isolating as well. Of the available 300 referees, 100 of them decided to sit out this season because of the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s taken a group of officials who we are training currently who don’t have necessarily that high-level, Varsity experience, and they’re putting into positions that maybe they aren’t quite ready for, so I’ve been preaching to my athletic directors and coaches to please be patient with them...said Scott Helmka, who is responsible for assigning referees to Varsity games. 

This is definitely a huge blow for the players as the situation is yet another road block for their season.

They had a couple basketballs out, and like, ‘Alright, guys. We got to put the balls up. It’s time to go home. We just found out that one of the referees tested positive.’ Their shoulders all dropped. Their heads dropped, and it’s like, ‘Really?’ It was very unfortunate... said Carman-Ainsworth Varsity Basketball Coach Jay Witham.

The quarantine for the players will end on February 19th.

Source: ABC 12

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