His parents never thought he'd be able to have the college experience, but now, he's headed to Clemson University.

High school student headed off to college - sounds pretty...typical, no?

Aidan Silverton was born with Fragile X Syndrome, a genetic intellectual disability that he's had since birth. When his parents found out about his diagnosis, they realized that a lot of the hopes and dreams they may have had for him...just weren't going to happen. Including college.

Until now.

Aidan is a star athlete and was even crowned school prince at Grand Blanc High School. And now, he's off to Clemson University in South Carolina, through a program called Clemson-Life. It's hard to get into - only 12 spots are offered, with over 70 people applying.

The program teaches people with special needs the life skills they need to live independently, as well as incorporating them with traditional college life. And Aidan can't wait to go.

Check out his reaction to being accepted, and have the tissues ready.


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