Board members will most likely vote on it at a meeting tonight.

Yesterday, it was announced that Davison schools will push their start date from August 17th to after Labor Day, and that Flushing schools will also delay their start date and begin the year with all-virtual instruction.

Now, it's been announced that Grand Blanc Schools are considering starting their year all-online as well.

At a school board meeting on Monday, August 10th, the issue was introduced as the “5.02 Return to School Plan Discussion." According to Public Relations and Communication Agent Andrea Calvert and MLive, “The additional concerns are that there would be too many disruptions to learning and increased issues with staffing - this is on top of the many other issues school districts have had to consider when making these already-tough choices for this school year."

The original plans were for an online option AND a hybrid option, with students going to school two days per week in shifts and learning online for the remaining time. The issue being discussed now is to move all students and teachers to virtual-only to start the school year.

On a personal note, I think this is a good idea. Our son goes to GB schools and making the decision on how to send him to school this fall has been tough. He wants to go in-person in a hazmat suit (yes, really), while we'd prefer that he starts the year online.

It's tough because it feels like there are no right or wrong answers at the moment. We'll keep you up to date with what happens at the next meeting.

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